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2023 Recap: What you need to know from the year that was in North Carolina politics

Anderson Alerts Changes: What's on the horizon for this newsletter in 2024

Weekly Recap: The fight over Trump's name on ballot, a new redistricting lawsuit and living outside the district

NC elections officials vote to place Trump on 2024 primary ballot, dismiss candidacy challenge

New redistricting lawsuit filed contesting legislative, congressional maps

Could Trump be kept off NC ballot? State elections officials to consider complaint

A new meaning to political outsider

Weekly Recap: What you need to know from a busy week of candidate filings

Candidate Filing Day 10 Takeaways

How a little-known lobbyist got Trump’s endorsement

Candidate Filing Day 9 Takeaways

Nickel won't seek reelection, announces plans to run for US Senate in 2026

Candidate Filing Day 8 Takeaways

Candidate Filing Day 7 Takeaways

Former Cotham primary opponent files for potential rematch

Candidate Filing Day 6 Takeaways

'A generational undertaking': Buttigieg highlights $1.1 billion rail project to connect Raleigh and Richmond

Weekly Recap: What you need to know from the first week of candidate filing

Candidate Filing Day 4 Takeaways

Candidate Filing Day 3 Takeaways

Candidate Filing Day 2 Takeaways

McHenry won't seek 2024 reelection

Candidate Filing Day 1 Takeaways

Lawsuit filed over new NC congressional map

McCrory not running for any office in 2024, state attributes candidate list error to local elections worker

Former Gov. Pat McCrory NOT running for local county board seat, as NC candidate list showed

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from the past week

As lawmakers chip away at open records laws, NC voters call for transparency

Medicaid expansion has launched today. Who can enroll and how?

Cooper taps former commissioner Jessica Holmes as state auditor

Court blocks GOP effort to create evenly split state, county elections boards

5 things to know about how NC lawmakers voted this year and who didn't show up for work

A message ahead of Giving Tuesday

No expedited hearing in dispute over state Senate map

A small perk for ditching Congress

NC voters file lawsuit challenging newly enacted state Senate map

Cotham to run for state House reelection, avoid contested congressional primary

NC Auditor Beth Wood to resign, will leave office Dec. 15

Who's running for statewide office and key NC congressional races?

Bo Hines mounts 2024 congressional run, sets himself for primary showdown against former Rep. Mark Walker

Tim Moore appoints disciplined lawyer onto the very commission that sanctioned the lawyer months ago

Weekly Recap: Lawmakers pass new voting maps

Jeff Jackson announces run for attorney general, won't seek reelection to Congress

North Carolina enacts new legislative and congressional maps. How Republicans stand to gain ground

Mark Walker drops out of governor's race, mounts run in Greensboro-area congressional district

From Ted Budd's brother to major GOP donor to voter fraud espouser, Republicans approve slew of new appointments

Republicans give initial floor approval of new voting maps

'We used political consideration in drawing these maps': NC Republicans poised for major power boost under newly advanced maps

Weekly Recap: Redistricting underway, lawsuits galore, campaign finance numbers and more

The winners and losers of North Carolina's redistricting (Legislative Edition)

The winners and losers of North Carolina's redistricting (Congressional Edition)

Republicans unveil congressional and legislative maps. Which Democrats are most vulnerable?

Republicans spend big on primary bids to unseat Democratic incumbents

Cooper sues over renewed GOP effort to strip him of elections board appointments

Weekly Recap: Republicans override Cooper vetoes, Democrats file lawsuits and public records law outrage

Filling in as interim governor, Mark Robinson issues proclamation supporting Israel. Why he's seeing bipartisan pushback

Democrats sue over new elections law, effort to reduce Cooper's influence on state boards

NC lawmakers to release draft congressional, legislative voting maps next week

From elections to environment, NC Republicans override 5 Cooper vetoes

Will North Carolina's next governor roll back a new law allowing lawmakers to sell and destroy public records?

North Carolina has a newly enacted budget. 18 things you should know

Cooper vetoes pair of bills over environmental concerns

Cooper signs law curbing NC minors' access to porn, creating computer science grad requirement

Weekly Recap: Cooper vetoes measure to evenly split elections boards, Medicaid expansion launch and more

Cooper vetoes bill creating evenly split state and local elections boards

Cooper directs health officials to implement Medicaid, says he'll let budget become law without signature

Bill creating evenly split county, state elections boards heads to Cooper for anticipated veto

Republicans send state budget plan to Cooper, with a transparency poison pill

Lawmakers send Cooper bill curbing minors' access to porn, adding computer science requirement for high schoolers

Senate approves budget, heads to final procedural votes on Friday

A middle finger from Moore

House approves state budget, will take one final vote early Friday

North Carolina lawmakers have released a final budget. 14 things you need to know

Republicans strike deal on budget with Medicaid expansion included. Casinos standalone bill is dead.

House approves bill creating evenly split county, state elections boards

A new House budget plan has been released. What's in and what's out

Republicans unveil casino bill language

Redistricting season is upon us

Wake County resident Stephen Horn charged in connection to January 6 involvement at U.S. Capitol

'Problematic and concerning': Democrats push back on GOP efforts to link casinos to Medicaid expansion

Weekly Recap: GOP budget holdup, casino uproar and a first governor's debate

Analysis: 2 big takeaways from the first GOP gubernatorial debate

Bipartisanship or gridlock? Republicans advance bill to create evenly split local and state elections boards

Don't bet on a budget deal. Spending plan hits new snag as Republicans duel over gambling expansion

Mark Harris, whose 2018 campaign was upended by absentee ballot scandal, mounts congressional comeback

Former NC Supreme Court Justice Mike Morgan announces run for governor

Cooper taps voting access advocate, judge Allison Riggs to NC Supreme Court

Bill creating evenly divided state and local elections boards won't be heard this week

Wake County's lone GOP state lawmaker launches congressional bid

Cooper endorses Stein

1 faculty member killed in UNC-Chapel Hill shooting, no other injuries reported. What happened:

Weekly Recap: A look at opposition research, Cooper vetoes two bills and Josh Stein could soon face a primary opponent

Cooper rejects bill seeking to strip him of appointment powers

Cooper vetoes bill reducing mail-in ballot acceptance period, allowing freer movement of poll watchers

The Art of Oppo

Weekly Recap: A sweeping voting bill moves to Gov. Cooper as six new laws get enacted over his objection

NC bill reducing mail-in ballot collection window, allowing freer movement of partisan poll watchers goes to Gov. Cooper

Republicans vote to strip Cooper of appointment powers on key boards and commissions

Prohibition on gender-affirming care for LGBTQ youth, trans sports ban, loosened rules for charter schools enacted over Cooper's veto

House advances bill making major changes to election laws

A budget stalemate and six veto overrides

Cotham raises $27K after party switch, returns $8K to disgruntled Democrats

NC lawmakers, candidates release campaign finance reports. What you need to know

Cooper tests positive for COVID-19, reports mild symptoms

Cooper vetoes trio of bills taking aim at LGBTQ youth, calls measures 'triple threat of political culture wars'

Lawsuit against Moore over extramarital affair, alleged abuse of power 'resolved'

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 6/25-7/1

North Carolina law banning most abortions after 12 weeks can largely take effect Saturday, federal judge rules

Cooper signs bill clarifying NC's new abortion law

'Parents' Bill of Rights' measure goes to Cooper

SCOTUS strikes down affirmative action in college admissions, rules race-based decisions must come to an end

As medical marijuana bill stalls in House, Senate makes an unorthodox move

Bill prohibiting puberty blockers, gender surgeries for LGBTQ youth goes to Cooper

Bill outlawing gender-affirming care for transgender youth clears Senate

NC Republicans set record for most veto overrides in a single day

House sends bill to Cooper revising abortion law, clarifying when medication abortion is allowed

SCOTUS decides key North Carolina redistricting case, finds state courts can review voting maps

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 6/18-6/24

Cooper vetoes farm bill, measure restricting ESG investments by state

Bill prohibiting transgender females from competing on women's sports teams goes to Cooper

Senate approves shaking up NC elections boards, reducing mail-in voting collection period

Bill allowing greater movement at polls for partisan election observers clears first vote. But one key Republican has concerns

House advances bill limiting K-4 teachings, outing LGBTQ pupils, increasing parents' access to educational materials

Moore responds to lawsuit accusing him of abusing power, having unlawful affair with married woman

Senate OK's bill prohibiting transgender females from competing on women's sports teams

Cooper signs bill cracking down on substation attacks

House Speaker Tim Moore faces lawsuit over alleged years-long affair with married woman

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 6/11-6/17

Poll: NC voters oppose new abortion restrictions, but support grows when they learn more about bill

Gov. Cooper signs bill legalizing online sports betting, additional in-person wagering in North Carolina

NC Republicans propose evenly split county and state elections boards and eliminating Cooper's appointment powers

Trump announces support for Mark Robinson in 2024 governor's race

NC lawmakers send bill to Cooper legalizing mobile sports betting

Post-Cotham party switch, NC Democrats to unveil bill requiring party switchers to return donations, face special election

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 5/28-6/3

Biden plans to nominate former NCDHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen as new CDC director, source confirms

NC Republicans propose major election law changes

Senate OK's sports gambling bill

Longtime Democratic political consultant Conen Morgan dies in boating accident

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 5/21-5/27

Two House Republicans resign from party leadership roles after controversial remarks about Democratic colleagues

Senate committee advances sports gambling bill, but with tweaks to House's plan

'I'm starting to think Job didn't have it too bad in the Bible': A Q&A with Canton Mayor Zeb Smathers

Cooper declares public education 'emergency'

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 5/14-5/20

Ex-congressman Mark Walker announces 2024 bid for NC governor

NC Supreme Court Justice Michael Morgan announces he won't seek reelection

Photo ID now required in North Carolina, but there's a workaround

Senate approves budget counterproposal calling for lower pay raises, steeper tax cuts

State Rep. Jeff McNeely likens State Bureau of Investigation management to Nazis

School voucher expansion bill giving all NC kids a subsidized private schooling option clears House

In party-line vote, Republicans approve hefty abortion restrictions over Cooper's objection

What's in the Senate's budget plan?

Senate, House to override Cooper's abortion bill veto on Tuesday

Look Ahead: What will happen next week in North Carolina politics?

Cooper vetoes bill greatly limiting abortion access in North Carolina

Trump, DeSantis, Pence to speak at NCGOP convention next month

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 4/30-5/6

Fact-check: Gov. Cooper accuses four Republicans of breaking campaign promises on abortion. Is he right?

Abortion bill clears Senate, now goes to Cooper for veto and subsequent override vote

12-week abortion bill clears North Carolina House

Senate votes to strip Gov. Cooper's community college appointment powers

UPDATED: NC abortion bill clears first and only committee, heads to floor for final votes

What's in the new North Carolina abortion bill Republicans are fast-tracking?

What happened at the legislature today

NC GOP leaders announce bill increasing abortion restrictions

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 4/23-4/29

NC Supreme Court overturns partisan gerrymandering rulings, allows GOP lawmakers to craft new maps

Could member removals in Tennessee and Montana also happen in North Carolina?

Bill giving all NC public school students a private schooling option clears first committee vote

More transparency in the NC House? Bipartisan group of lawmakers call for greater public access to chamber proceedings

Bill stripping Gov. Cooper's community college appointment powers stalls in Senate

Jeff Cox formally introduced as new president of NC Community College System

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 4/16-4/22

Mark Robinson announces 2024 gubernatorial run

Senate and House OK measures to prohibit transgender females from competing on women's youth sports teams

NC lawmakers propose important election changes, anti-LGBTQ measures ahead of bill filing deadline

Analysis: Who are North Carolina's swingiest lawmakers?

Graphic Content Warning: Johnston County residents receive anti-Semitic mail linked to hate group

Ted Budd endorses Trump 2024 reelection bid

Weekly Recap Pt. 2: Catch up on the news you missed from 4/2-4/8

Weekly Recap Pt. 1: Catch up on the news you missed from 4/2-4/8

NC Republicans propose ban on transgender females competing on women's youth sports teams

Senate OK's bill eroding Gov. Cooper's appointment powers on key commissions

Brockman ditches consideration of leaving party, puts out statement saying he'll remain a Democrat

Cotham just left the Democratic Party. Another lawmaker may follow suit.

North Carolina House passes budget plan

'I will not be controlled by anyone' Why Tricia Cotham says she's leaving the Democratic Party

House OK's bill to provide age-appropriate suicide prevention tips to students

Cotham planning to switch parties, giving NC Republicans supermajority

House advances bill to reduce absentee ballot acceptance period

Bill changing oversight of deaf and blind schools becomes law without Cooper's signature

North Carolina Republicans introduce first bills to limit abortion access

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 3/26-4/1

NC House puts forward budget proposal. Here's the key things you need to know:

Sports gambling bill clears NC House, advances to Senate

Some Democrats suggest primary challenges may lie ahead for members who didn't show up to sustain gun bill veto

Lawmakers override Cooper's gun bill veto, state pistol permit law now repealed

House passes bill to legalize online sports gambling

Senate overrides Cooper's gun veto, bill now returns to House for final vote

Third time's the charm? Bill compelling sheriffs to cooperate with ICE clears House

Two Surry County elections officials removed from office after refusing to certify election results

Cooper signs Medicaid expansion bill

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 3/19-3/25

NC State Treasurer Dale Folwell running for governor

Cooper vetoes bill seeking to loosen North Carolina gun laws

NC Republicans push bill to limit absentee ballot collection period

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson poised to announce gubernatorial bid next month

Medicaid expansion bill heads to Gov. Cooper

House approves bills limiting K-12 racial teachings, mandating college history course

House approves Medicaid expansion compromise bill

Should US Supreme Court rule on independent state legislature theory in light of NC Supreme Court rehearing redistricting case?

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 3/12-3/18

'The biggest irony in North Carolina politics': A look at Cooper's veto predicament

Bill repealing NC pistol permit law, allowing concealed carry at churches on school property heads to Cooper

Senate approves Medicaid expansion bill

Contest: Submit your March Madness brackets

NC Supreme Court reconsiders past court's ruling on partisan gerrymandering. What you need to know

Senate passes bill responding to Moore County substation attack

Lawmakers advance bill limiting K-12 racial teachings

Cooper directs state agencies to place less emphasis on college degree requirements in hiring practices

Online sports betting bill released

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 3/5-3/11

Bill to increase penalties for violent protesters heads to Cooper

What's in the Medicaid expansion deal and what's left out?

NC lawmakers send first bill to Cooper, posing an early test of the governor's veto power

Interview Q&A: House Deputy Democratic Leader Ashton Clemmons

What you need to know from Cooper's State of the State Address and Robinson's response

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 2/26-3/4

NC has a major state worker shortage

NC Republican leaders announce they've reached deal on Medicaid expansion

At 4:20, Senate sends medical marijuana legalization bill to House

House OK's bill to change oversight of deaf and blind schools

Senate approves bill legalizing medical marijuana

Four bills Cooper previously vetoed have cleared at least one chamber. Will they become law?

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 2/19-2/25

Driver who hit Moore's security vehicle charged with DWI, no evidence of lawmaker being targeted

Tim Moore OK after car accident, spokesperson confirms

House votes to repeal NC's pistol permit program

Medical marijuana bill clears first legislative hurdle

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed from 2/12-2/18

NC Senate approves measure repealing pistol permit law, promoting safe storage

House enacts permanent rules package, paving way for last-minute veto overrides

House OK's measure allowing gun owners to carry handguns in churches located on school grounds

House approves Medicaid expansion bill

Exclusive Interview: Democratic Party Chair Anderson Clayton

Medicaid expansion poised for House vote, but proposal is met with frustration from Senate

House unveils permanent rules package with a tweak to veto overrides

Poll: Where North Carolinians stand on abortion, Medicaid expansion, sports gambling and medical marijuana

Weekly Recap: Catch up on the news you missed

In major shakeup, Democrats oust Bobbie Richardson as party chair

The upcoming Supreme Court seesaw

Wake District Attorney closes investigation into AG Stein's 2020 campaign ad

NC House approves harsher penalties on violent protesters

Exclusive Interview: State Rep. Shelly Willingham

NC Senate OK's bill prohibiting gender identity, sexuality teachings in K-4 curriculum

The Vote Wrangler

Diving into North Carolina's "Parents' Bill of Rights"

When will North Carolina see new voting maps and what will they look like?

Former NC State Senator Jerry Tillman dies at 82

Former NC Rep. Mark Walker mulling run for governor

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